It’s a superfood of plant origin.
Is a complete protein with all nine essential amino acids.
It stimulates the digestive system.
It has a cholesterol-lowering effect.
It relieves anxiety thanks to its crunchy texture.
It’s high in protein & rich in fiber.


I really want to congratulate you on the wafers, each one excellent flavor, a delicious snack without guilt and without calories, from now on it is my favorite snack, hahaha, since the morning I eat them with coffee πŸ˜‹.

They are really delicious!


The best wafers in the world!They are a delicious snack and there are so many flavors that you can create many healthy desserts with them! Try them, you will love them.


The best wafers in the world, they became my favorite snack and in addition to being delicious they take away the anxiety of eating.


The most delicious, healthy, nutritious, rich and practical product that exists! I can't stop eating them, I loved them!

And they also deliver straight away!

Do yourself a favor and try them out.Β 


Excellent taste and quality, I love being able totake them everywhere with me and they are very nutritious. My children want toeat them all day.


Try Our Crunchy Churritos!

Great snack idea for enjoying in the office, the park or for that spicy guilty craving.
9 different flavours for all different likes.

We have 9 different flavors to satisfy most of the different tastes.

Our packets contain 60 wafers and they only have 1 calorie per wafer.


Who are we?

We are Nataly and Margaret, two entrepreneur moms worried about our children’s nutrition. Therefore, we have decided to launch a personal project and begin selling amaranth snacks.

After years of knowing each other, life brought us together, and we started to work as a team. We want to offer the best of ourselves and share the best of our culture with people from another country.

Love plays a central role in our lives and has many facets. We experience love when we are in the park with our kids, in a meeting with friends, or having coffee with our family.

Each of our products is designed to complement these everyday moments with a handy packaging that lets us spend quality time with our families without further concerns.

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